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TPS Stats

TPS has been life saving for us living overseas with few school options. I'm so thankful to be a part of it. Thanks for all the work you've done to keep it open and running at such a high standard.
Angie M
I am so grateful that TPS was an option for my family! Because of its flexibility, I am able to spend a lot of time with my baby sister. She was born the week my brother started school, three weeks before I started school! I have two brothers already, and I really wanted a sister. It has been significant to me and to my family that I can be involved in her life while also pursuing my academic progress. I have needed to adapt to the changes in schooling and in our home, such as by learning to create task lists and use a schedule for completing my work outside of the live TPS class sessions.
Christina S
I am Chinese learning to write English. With the teaching of the TPS I can write this myself. I was born in a Christian family. And I have been homeschooling for eight years. When one day, my parent wants me to go to TPS, I work hard to prepare for a chance to prove myself. Then the test came. I used up all that I learned and written it in this test. But sadly, I didn’t get a good grade. You might think I have given up, but no, I didn’t. I was glad that I had this chance to test my level and improve from the mistakes I made. The most important thing was your attitude toward it. Now, here I am in EFL-I. My teacher is Mrs. Ketch, and I like her teaching. She helped me a lot with my work and I learned so much from her.
Robert R
My first TPS class was Writer's Workshop in 6th grade. I proceeded to take four more years of TPS English, among other courses, before attending a rigorous college prep boarding school and then Wheaton College, where I majored in (you guessed it) English. My TPS courses set me up exceptionally well for a successful academic experience by teaching me not merely quality course content, but also independent study skills. Though I never would have guessed it back in 6th grade, it only makes sense that I've returned to TPS as an English teacher, passing on those same lessons and skills to the next generation.
Linnea G
Teacher, Alumnus
...every class is taught from a biblical perspective, integrating truth from Scripture into the material... ...every teacher I've had is enthusiastic about what he or she teaches, and I can tell the love they have for the material, for teaching it, and for those they are teaching... ....and now in English 6 my writing has reached excellence I would never have dreamed of... ...through TPS I've met some phenomenal people and made strong friendships...
Victoria M
TPS English has enabled our children to achieve excellence in grammar and composition. The high quality of the instruction and assignments has enabled our children to make vast improvements in their ability to be independent writers. Overall, the TPS English teachers provide an outstanding, high level of detailed corrections to our children's writing to constantly help them improve. Our children have learned logical, systematic paragraph development and how to clearly explain their ideas in writing through this process. Our children will be well prepared to be independent thinkers and writers in college and beyond.
Chris P


How does a TPS class work?

TPS provides fully interactive classrooms to students worldwide, even in remote locations with limited connectivity. Our live classes feature quality audio, chat, interactive presentations and a shared whiteboard for all participants. Students can interactively present content from their computer as well. Classes are recorded to allow for occasional missed class make-up.

TPS teachers provide frequent timely individual feedback for evaluation and improvement. Teachers are also available on a reasonable basis to provide help outside of class by email, office hours, group meeting, or an occasional individual meeting.

Students view class messages, track assignments, submit work, and view grades and feedback through an interface that allows them to manage all their courses in one place. Parents have a single interface to oversee assignments, grades and feedback for all their students and courses.

Upon completion of a course, all records remain accessible indefinitely, and parents can print homeschool grade reports, obtain signed grade reports or request accredited transcripts.

How do I register students and enroll in courses?

Please see our Register and Enroll information.

How do I get teacher placement approval for a course?

Immediately after you enroll, you will receive two automated emails for each course. One email discusses placement and Teacher Approval for the course. Please carefully follow any guidance to submit placement information, tests, essays or other work specified.

Teacher Approval materials and placement tests are due within one week of enrolling in a course (no extensions, sorry!). After you have Teacher Approval for a class, make your first payment by eCheck (preferred) or credit card.

You pay only after you are holding a confirmed approved seat in the class you want.

When are my tuition payments due?

Initial payment is due after you hold a confirmed approved seat in a class you want. Subsequent payment due dates depend on the start date (full year, summer, fall, spring) of each class. Special payment plans are also available. More information on tuition payment schedules...

What are the technical requirements for TPS classes?

TPS classes can be taken on Windows, Mac and Chromebook computers (not tablets, yet). 1 Mbps or higher stable internet is recommended (slower speeds work but reduce the quality of the class, and higher speeds improve the class experience). We support the Chrome and Firefox browsers (others generally work but we don't support them). More information on TPS technical requirements...

Does TPS offer academic counseling?

We provide free academic counseling by phone or skype for families seeking to build their academic plan using TPS courses. Families seeking a TPS Diploma must meet with our Academic Adviser when they enroll each year. Please contact TPS Support to make an appointment.

Does TPS offer accredited transcripts? Diplomas?

TPS offers self-printed homeschool grade reports, signed Grade Reports in pdf form on school letterhead, and transcripts accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. TPS also offers a standard and an honors diploma. More information on TPS grade reports, transcripts and diplomas...

How do TPS AP students score on AP exams?

TPS AP students are top scorers on AP exams, and most get scores of 4 or 5. More information on TPS AP courses...

How can I get college credit with TPS courses?

TPS offers a number of upper high school courses for both high school and college credit. These courses are designated as "College Credit" in the Course Finder details for each course. To receive college credit for the eligible courses, once the course is successfully completed the student registers with Belhaven University, pays the course setup fee and transcript fee, and requests the transcript from Belhaven. More information on TPS College courses...

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